Integrated solution
waterless wash

Your bike deserves the best

Cleaning and protection: 80 wipes and microfiber
Classic or new
inside and outside

Your car always impeccable

Cleaning and protection: 80 wipes and microfibera
Mountain or road
clean all the dirt

Your bike's best friend

Cleaning and protection: 80 wipes and microfiber
Protection and shine
indoor and outdoor

Your boat always like new

Cleaning and protection: 80 wipes and microfiber
Local flexibility
versatile cleaning

Your caravan clean like at home

Cleaning and protection: 80 wipes and microfiber
Demanding cleaning
metal and plastics

Freedom and safety on your plane

Cleaning and protection: 80 wipes and microfiber

Why DuduiT?

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats

No water or equipment

Allows you to wash when you don't have a place with running water

Can clean anywhere

You can wash it anywhere because it doesn't produce waste or runoff.

Save time and money

Very simple application, no drying time. No need for more products

Choose your passion

Different solutions for each application and each need


But more generally, here is the DuduiT solution to make your bike shine and make sure it survives another riding season in the best possible way.

Whether you love or hate this task, if you want your bike to shine all summer long or survive unscathed the dirt and salt of winter, then you need to give it more than just a quick massage with Duduit to clean and protect it.

In fact, if you really want your bike to shine as well as maintain its value, you need to use a variety of cleaning products, but with DuduiT it all comes down to one.


It is essentially in cleaning the outside that the biggest questions arise. How to wash a car without water? Actually the process is simple. Just have DuduiT. For the interior, once the dashboard and plastics are thoroughly cleaned using DuduiT, you can condition them to restore their original shine. DuduiT natural oils will fully penetrate to help bring out the natural shine, leaving your car smelling fresh and shining.


If you have returned from a particularly muddy ride on the trails, or are looking to ride your bike indoors, you know you will need to scrub well. But even if your bike is not completely covered in mud and dirt, it needs to be cleaned. We recommend cleaning your road bike monthly (or every 20 to 25 trips) and a mountain or cross bike more often. Duduit is the solution.


Keeping your boat clean and looking good is not only a matter of pure vanity, it is also an important part of basic boat maintenance – knowing how to clean a boat is fundamental for any boat owner. It extends the life of materials exposed to the environment, improves functionality in many cases, and if you keep up the good looks, you can sell your boat for more when the time comes to upgrade.

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What our customers say

Some of the staunch followers of waterless cleaning
Carla Barrouca

Carla Barrouca

Mercedes classic owner

When I tried Duduit for the first time I was suspicious, but after the result I was impressed! I attacked the dirtiest, the engine, and rims. Everything came out and shining. When I washed my Mecedez there were lots of chrome and I was surprised! Now I use Duduit for everything, almost because my twins' bottoms are 4 months old and I'm still not using Duduit!




Some time ago I bought a Vmax, but the way I take it to work leaves my bike very dirty, almost every weekend I had to go wash the bike, and I don't feel very safe washing the bike with water many times, I discovered Duduit à online sale and out of curiosity I bought 1, I was amazed at the cleaning power, 3 wipes for maintenance whenever the bike is a little dirty and starts to shine!!

Maria Gino

Maria Gino


Tenho uma BTT KTM e suja muito, comprei uma Duduit para testar, como não tenho garagem, a Duduit é muito prática, além de limpar muito bem a minha BTT, é muito prática porque consigo limpar em qualquer lugar sem usar água.


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