A high-performance cleaning fluid that cuts through even difficult dirt such as glass, tar, insects, or mildew.

DuduiT car wash is a complex product that combines quality cleaning agents with advanced polymer technology, whereby all the cleaning and shine work is achieved in one formula.

The dirt is lifted from the surface and suspended in the liquid of the wipe. The synthetic wax, which is a vital ingredient in the formula, displaces dirt from the surface to be cleaned and acts as a protective barrier.

The liquid, which contains the dirt, is removed with the special wipe, resulting in a wax film to be buffed with a microfiber towel. The results are a clean vehicle with a stunning, rejuvenated shine!

One Solution

DuduiT, car washing follows a unique manufacturing process, which allows the same as several distinct products to be put together in one single product. Formula car wash that is the result of 2 years of research and laboratory testing on hundreds of vehicles of all types.

Clean-All” Solution

A complete solution for car and motorcycle cleaning products, always close to you.

Without the need for water you can use a car wash anywhere;

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