Washing my Classic without water? You must be joking!

By testing the DuduiT wipes we can see that the product does indeed do what is described on the package! DuduiT is the result of two years of research and laboratory testing, it comes in a package with 80 wipes soaked in a liter of solution, comes with a professional quality microfiber cleaning cloth and a mesh bag.

DuduiT is a quick and easy to use cleaner, and is a suitable cleaner for all classics, no need to scrub hard, just make a few circular movements with the DuduiT wipe, and then buff the surface with the microfiber cloth provided in the kit.

DuduiT degreases glass surfaces and leaves a waterproof layer, helping water to disperse. It is a really effective product for removing insects and debris. DuduiT removes tar without the need for chemical products, which are harmful and aggressive to your classic and the environment.

It renews plastics and finished paintings. Each kit contains 80 wipes, a nylon pouch, and a microfiber cloth. For the cleaning of a classic car 8 to 10 are used. All the main active components in DuduiT are not harmful to surfaces. Unlike most cleaning products available today, DuduiT contains gentle polishing elements in order to eliminate micro-scratches.

DuduiT is the only product that cleans without water. Using DuduiT is also a great way to keep your classic in great condition in the colder months.

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