Is there a danger of risks?

There is no danger of risk and it is for the following reasons:

  1. Fabric specially honeycombed in order to eliminate the smallest particles (deposited pattern).
  2. Woven according to the “spounlace” technique that allows for extremely soft rinsing.
  3. Formula containing a lubricating agent that prevents all microscratches.
  4. And above all, unlike all “waterless” products, there is no need to scrub as DuduiT’s deposited formula is extremely effective and contains no “polish” or “abrasive” elements that we find in waterless spray products. This is not a dry shampoo.

How many wipes do we need to clean a motorcycle?

For a first wash of a large motorcycle, such as a Honda Goldwind, count on about 4 wipes. Once this has been done, 2 or 3 wipes will be enough for regular maintenance (between 7 and 15 days depending on the weather).

How many wipes do we need to clean a car?

For a complete first wash of a 4-door car, count on 8 or 10 wipes. Once this is done, 4 or 5 maximum wipes will suffice for regular maintenance (between 7 and 15 days depending on the weather).

Can we wash the microfiber cloth?

Of course. The microfiber cloth is only used to polish and give a perfect finish, after washing with DuduiT, it will get dirty little by little and it will be necessary to wash it. Simply hand wash or machine wash at 40°C.

Can we use DuduiT for the plastic parts?

Of course, DuduiT can also be used in interior plastics, but some precautions are necessary :

  1. Do not use when the plastic is exposed to high temperatures (risk of very intense evaporation therefore not effective).
  2. Do not use and expose to the sun, the windshield acts as a magnifying glass and increases the temperature.
  3. Rinse well with the microfiber after application

Can all parts of the vehicle be treated?

DuduiT allows you to wash, clean, and polish absolutely every part of your vehicle, and this without any risk. Then you can:

  1. Wash, clean, and give the bodywork a shiny new look.
  2. Wash, clean, and return the interior plastics to a shiny new look.
  3. Wash, clean, remove dirt and give the lower area of the car a new look.
  4. Wash, clean and polish the rims, without scratches to all kinds (aluminum, paint, varnish…)
  5. Wash, clean and eliminate the mosquitoes from the radiator and headlights or even if they are acrylate.
  6. Wash, clean, degrease, eliminate mosquitoes, protect all the glass.
  7. Wash, clean, polish and protect all chrome parts

DuduiT really takes off the fat?

By greasing the bodywork and passing DuduiT.
Another option: inside the rear bike rim and pass DuduiT

Is DuduiT biodegradable?

Fully in agreement with the march of the Protection of the Planet since

  1. 1 wash with DuduiT represents approximately a saving of 250/300 liters of water, or 3,000 liters of water per package.
  2. 1 spent package, is also to prevent 3,000 liters of water from being contaminated by chemicals that are harmful to nature.
  3. 10 DuduiT wipes = 3 grams of ash
  4. DuduiT participates in financing waste recycling
  5. DuduiT is manufactured to ISO9001 and 14000 standards

DuduiT deposits a non-sticky film?

Treat half of the hood, and put a coin in the untreated part and the treated part.
The difference speaks for itself.

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