Cleaning DuduiT motorcycles

39.36 (c/ iva)

  • Contains 80 wipes to clean, shine, and protect your bike.
  • For all surfaces, and without risk of scratches.
  • No water, no equipment, and everywhere.
  • For a weekly cleaning, 2 to 3 wipes are sufficient.
  • Microfiber included in the package, for finishing.
Cleaning wipes + microfiber


Application Areas

If you like to wash your bike and make it shine, DuduiT is the solution. We ran tests on really dirty motorcycles and the result is impressive: 4 wipes can wash 100% of the bike, including the rims. If you add to this that each pack comes with 80 wipes, the result is that you can do a total of 20 intense bike washes with each pack at a price lower than a tunnel wash. The cleaning wipes will allow you to wash your car or motorcycle without having to use water or other detergents: the wipes have cleaning agents. You only need to pass a few wipes to get the bike completely clean. DuduiT wipes are suitable for use on any type of surface: bodywork, glass, plastic, vinyl, rims… Just think what you will save in water, time and money. DuduiT is composed of a formula that includes 8 components: anti-mosquitoes, anti-tar, rim cleaner, glass cleaner, detergent, brightener, plastic brightener, and an anti-dirt agent. This means that you will save money on that amount of products, and above all, time when washing the car! In addition, DuduiT can also be used for cleaning the house, and gets rid of the most difficult dirt and grease in the kitchen or garage. Decide for the savings and buy your pack DuduiT, it includes : * Package with 80 wipes *1 microfiber towel


A complete solution of cleaning products, always close to you. Without the need for water you can use DuduiT wash motorcycle anywhere


DuduiT is a complex solution that combines quality cleaning agents with advanced polymer technology, whereby all the cleaning and gloss work is achieved in one formula. The dirt is lifted from the surface and suspended in the liquid of the wipe. The synthetic wax, which is a vital ingredient in the formula, displaces dirt from the surface to be cleaned and acts as a protective barrier. The liquid, which contains the dirt, is removed with the special wipe, resulting in a wax film to be buffed with a microfiber towel. The results are a clean vehicle with a stunning, rejuvenated shine!

Instructions for use

With DuduiT for washing motorcycle , apply to the area to be cleaned (this in the 1st place) and apply the 2nd time with the microfiber cloth to give it a shine. Easy!

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm

Small, Medium, Large


Rose, White, Gray


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